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Welcome!! Based in London, I can provide you with ALL the valuable help you need with your U.K. family history search requirements. Click here for more details. Examples of records that are available in London include:
  • Birth, Marriage and Death Registry (all England and Wales since 1837)
  • Census Returns (1841,1851,1861,1871,1881,1891)
  • England and Wales' Wills from 1858..AND pre-1858 PCC Wills
  • Many printed family histories and pre-1838 resources by County
  • Military, Naval, Marines', RAF, professional and medieval resources
  • Proceedings of the Huguenot Society....and much, much more!!!
I have a special interest in Devon and have research links with Cornwall,
Birmingham, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and also Surrey.

THANK YOU for visiting, and please mail me for further details!
© 1998 Copyright John Lerwill. Last updated 13th February, 1998.

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My speciality research centres in Devon include the North Devon Records Office, Barnstaple,
the County Records Office at Exeter, and the West Country Studies Library at Exeter.

Link to my North Devon families.

John's Devon History Selection.
"Lorna Doone", A.H. Slee, Huguenots et al!!

THANK YOU for visiting, and please mail me for further details!
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Other Resource Facilities and Information.

For enquiries about research in France, please mail Louise Alessi.
Louise, an American, is fluent in French and an experienced researcher in France.

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My Terms of reference. .In ADDITION to a complete, friendly service!!

My basic service is that for searching the U.K. birth, marriage and death registers (1837 onwards).
Please note that costs are quoted as U.S. dollars - if you require a conversion into your
own currency, please e-mail stating your country.
I charge per item and register to be searched, which is $30 for the first, inclusive of ALL costs
(certificate fee, registered postage etc), and $25 for each subsequent search in the same visit.
For example: 5 searches of the birth register would be $130;
5 searches of the birth register and 1 search of the
marriage register for one of the same names would be $155.
NOTE that all bills will be discounted by at least 5% because not all requirements
will require a lot of effort on my part! I have no wish to burn a hole in your pocket!

In addition to the name (surname and at least one forename), you must provide me with the year
(full date if possible), which must be accurate to within 3 years either side, as my charge per item is
based on half-an-hour's actual search time. You will also need to supply me with the place where the
birth, marriage or death took place, but this is not so important if the surname is rare
and the full date is known.

NO FIND, NO CHARGE! No advance payment is needed. I post the results to you with my bill.
You can e-mail me with your address when I have made my visit, or before if you wish.
My visits to the Centre
will be in January, March, May, July, September, November of each year
(or more often when needed).
I would need your details to reach me by the 8th of the month of visit.

PLEASE NOTE that if you can provide me will ALL details, including Volume and Page
references from the relevant register index, then the above fees reduce by ONE THIRD!
Please contact me for clarification if required.

If you wish to proceed, please send to me, in confidence, the details
of the person(s) to be searched, and which register(s).

In addition, I provide a service for searching census returns and visits to the Society of
Genealogists and Kew P.R.O. (for more ancient and more specific records - military etc.).
Also I visit the Devon Records Offices and West Country Studies Centre at Exeter and Barnstaple.
I would need to tailor a specific estimate of costs for you for these services, depending on your
actual requirements. In the case of Census Return searches, I shall need to know the
names, streetnames and places of the individuals to be searched, plus year(s) of Census.

AND WHEN IT'S ALL DONE (!!), why not have a professionally drawn map of your family;
I can either computer-produce this to your required font-specifications, or by using
traditional calligraphy. You will then have results to treasure!

THANK YOU for visiting, and please mail me for further details and/or quotation!

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